Sing a Song of Joy for Your Self


Envy is merely a reflection of a desire to be worthy of self love and praise.
Sing a song of joy for your Self, if nothing else. Do not be discouraged by feelings of meager self worth.
You wish to be seen, to be heard, to be known.
Do you shy away out of fear of judgment? Do you hide yourself to avoid the discouragement others will so freely lend you, a reflection of the mental prisons they have built for themselves?
You are fiercely beautiful.
A song bird with brilliant plumage, whose feathers lose their color when your freedom is stifled by those who would contain you in the gilded cage of their own ideals.
I stand in awe whilst you celebrate yourself, uninhibited, feathers fanned out, displaying all the glory of your Being, unwilling to negotiate with Others your right to be as you are, the song of your soul pouring from your heart.

– Astral Moonbeam


Finding One’s Self


I find myself in All things. I am always coming home to myself. I reside and abide in these empty places, disguised by the appearance of structure. I am the container and the void within it. When I open the pages of a book, or hear a song that ages ago I felt myself dancing to; when I touch your hand, or interpret the words you whisper in my ear, I find myself there, in that moment of monumental bliss or inescapable sorrow. I find myself. I find my Self in All things.

– Astral Moonbeam



Art (Creation) is the framework on which we hang all of our meaning. Objects, shapes, and colors colliding and aligning in such a way, that it evokes a certain feeling, touching on truths that eyes alone cannot bear witness to; Language, a spelling of the Unseen, cast in its name, the structure we cling to, like driftwood riding an unruly current of Emotion. The object itself is just a portal we step through, the medium used to get us to that place, but suddenly we’re there. The images conjured in our mind upon this encounter is the fruit that is always ripe for the picking. We need only to bite into the flesh of it, and let the juices course their way down our cheeks like tears of joy at the remembrance of union.

– Astral Moonbeam

Spring Equinox Blessings


Listening to the Call of Spring. The elemental dance of a thunderstorm. Reveling in the sensation of rain against my skin. The smell of new life on the breeze, a gentle hint. The vision of green buds, reawakened, pouting their lips, awaiting Mother Nature’s kiss. Her warm rays cascading over the barren trees, peeking through the dissipating storm clouds, reviving spirits, urging them to come out of their cocoons and flourish like radiant butterflies. Bring your song of Celebration to the wind, and let it carry you on, like a leaf on the breeze. Cultivate the Fruit of your Being.