I have tried to imagine all of the ways that I could begin this simple introduction. I have mused about what I would say and how I would say it, but the truth is that I am a being of unknown origin sitting in a small apartment on a small planet, hurdling through space, in a galaxy travelling amongst billions of brother and sister galaxies, stretching towards a seemingly limitless and unknowable void.

What I am, who I am, and where I am are just a few of the questions I ask myself on a daily basis. The answers to which are illusive at best, adding to the ever-expanding list of things I do not truly know. I am only certain of one truth. I know that I am, and like the Universe, I am transforming and moving constantly into uncharted territory.

I exist here in this moment, and I am a witness to this time and space. It is my goal to witness and utilize each moment to its fullest potential, which is why I am here now. I am creating this space so I may muse, dream, laugh, and wonder. I am creating this space so that I may share my being from moment to moment with friends, future, present and past. In this space, we are permitted to let all of our insecurities fall away, and to share ourselves fully and without fear. Here, we can share in what we have.

This is my offering to you, my friends. May it bring you joy, peace, prosperity and love.



Photo by: Astral Moonbeam


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