Everything that is projected before me is a result of every word I have spoken, every action I have made. The situations I face have been attracted to me. The moment I make any decision, no matter how mundane, no matter how grandiose, is the moment my karmic destiny begins to unfold, the message that ultimately gravitates towards the question. My energy ripples out and plays with the energies of others. Nothing is unaffected, for better or worse. What I am feeling will be reflected in You. What you feel will be reflected in Me. I strive for Balance in myself, yet every moment is a divine teacher, here to instill that Balance. In this moment I take a gentle look at myself, as if I could hold myself in the palm of my hand, and see all of my resistance, my pain, my judgment reflected back at me. I accept that there is an innate balance to Everything as it Is, and that whatever is working its way through my life is only the vehicle that will deliver me to the destination I have already chosen, consciously or unconsciously. I accept and love the moment, and my Self in the moment, despite my perception of good and bad, right or wrong. I am the Captain of this Vessel, guided by the winds of change, challenged by a stormy sea, sailing on to fairer waters, finding my Way.


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