I focus on my solar plexus, where the third chakra, Manipura, is located. Grounding myself through my Root, the Sacral wheel of energy turning, I direct my attention to the issues in my life concerning power, fear, anxiety and introversion. When this chakra is open and freely flowing, I have the strength of will to overcome jealousy, sadness, disgust, foolishness, fear, delusion, shame, treachery, thirst, and spiritual ignorance. I take responsibility for my opinions and actions, the implementation of my personal power, while respecting and accepting the opinions and actions of others. I encourage expansiveness and growth, within myself, as well as others.

Element: Fire

Bija Mantra: RAM

Deities Associated with Manipura: Rudra, Lakini

Gemstones and Crystals for Manipura: Citrine, Topaz, Yellow Tourmaline, Heliodor

Essential Oils for Manipura: Clary Sage, Geranium, Juniper

Yoga Asanas for Manipura: Gomukasana (Cow Pose), Matsyendrasana 1 (Sitting Spinal Twist), Ustrasana (Camel Pose)

Photography and Prose by Astral Moonbeam


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