Sing a Song of Joy for Your Self


Envy is merely a reflection of a desire to be worthy of self love and praise.
Sing a song of joy for your Self, if nothing else. Do not be discouraged by feelings of meager self worth.
You wish to be seen, to be heard, to be known.
Do you shy away out of fear of judgment? Do you hide yourself to avoid the discouragement others will so freely lend you, a reflection of the mental prisons they have built for themselves?
You are fiercely beautiful.
A song bird with brilliant plumage, whose feathers lose their color when your freedom is stifled by those who would contain you in the gilded cage of their own ideals.
I stand in awe whilst you celebrate yourself, uninhibited, feathers fanned out, displaying all the glory of your Being, unwilling to negotiate with Others your right to be as you are, the song of your soul pouring from your heart.

– Astral Moonbeam

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