Self Acceptance

I sit, wholly embracing every part of me in stillness, without seeking to change or criticize myself for All that I am in this moment. I make a choice to Love myself, instead of finding fault and laying blame for all of my ‘failures’ and ‘shortcomings’. Instead, I choose to see defeat as an indication that my path does not lead me down that road. The critical mind wants and wonders after the opportunities lost, but to ignore the subtle messages being relayed to me by my heart is to inhibit the work being done in the darkest depths of my soul. I sit with my mind until it stills, like a mother comforting her agitated child, holding her, allowing her to remember the safety of this fertile wombspace, where the beating heart, and the gentle sway of the breath, lulls the mind to sleep, allowing me to dream and to give my dreams the space they need to awaken.

– Astral Moonbeam


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