Love Thyself

Why criticize a point of view? There’s always something to learn. It’s all about separating what is useful to you, from what is not. There is no reason to point out these misgivings. It is a bit ridiculous to blame your misunderstanding on the Teacher, by assuming that it is their failing instead of yours. What doesn’t make sense to you may touch another person in an entirely different way, a way that promotes their healing and expansion. Understand that that which doesn’t appear to serve you now may gain an entirely different significance later. Contemplate your aggravations instead of unleashing them on others. When we choose a side, when we take any thought, belief or emotion to the extreme, when we strive for light and ignore our darkness, when we are consumed by darkness and ignore the light, we are throwing ourselves out of Balance. Anything in excess throws us out of balance, pits us against ourselves, and then we must realize that the opposite is also true. So, we perceive it outside of ourselves, until we are able to Unify with these conflicting aspects of Self.

– Astral Moonbeam

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