Mars in Scorpio

Mars in Scorpio (according to Jyotish/Vedic astrology):

Mars has recently entered the constellation of Scorpio, an auspicious placement, considering that Mars is Scorpio’s ruling planet. Mars is all about initiative and momentum. While Scorpio is about emotional extremes, depth, transformation, mystery, and death. These energies combined will keep you focused (fixed) on your desires, while making you supremely active in the pursuit of your desires.

Mars embodies the forward energy of a warrior, so you might notice that you are more aggressive, impatient, action-oriented, or prone to anger, especially while this planet is in Scorpio, the sign of emotional extremes. However, Scorpio will have you digging a little deeper to uncover the mystery behind your emotions, marking this as a period of growth and transformation.You may feel inclined to explore the depths of your emotional self and to seek new understanding, which may be more difficult for some than others (depending on your planetary alignment).

Important issues are at the forefront of your mind and not to be put off. There is a sexual energy present that is characteristic of both Mars and the sign of Scorpio. Mars transits into another sign every two months, so we have some time to really stay with this energy and to accomplish what we really want, and to move beyond what frustrates us daily to attain emotional understanding. Mars really fuels Scorpio’s need to transform, to move beyond what is currently understood, by supplying more situations to experience frustration and anger.

So, if this is a foreign energy, and it’s coming on strong (which it inevitably will given the nature of this planet and its rulership), know that this too shall pass, and when you come out on the other side, you will be reborn, stronger, faster, and more determined than ever, like the pheonix born of ash.

One thought on “Mars in Scorpio

  1. Wow! Really like this post and am really feeling it as a Virgo creative soul on this planet! Thank you for this gift and timely reminder. As I come up on my birthday, this energy feel perfectly in sync with the journey I began almost a year and a half ago. I’ve been ‘digging up my own Soul’ for a while now… lots of exciting and useful discoveries and gifts along the way…

    best regards to you!

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