Inspiration and Philosophy from Art

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While I was in college I took a course on Art History and we spent a very minor amount to time on an artist named Thomas Cole.  He painted a 5 painting series called The Course of Empire in the early 1800’s.  Our book did not come with an explanation of the meaning of the paintings, only a description of the media and techniques he used to create them.  When I first saw the series it was like looking at a cycle I’ve seen both in my experiences and throughout history, and it gave me chills.

Thomas Cole – The Course of Empire

1: The Savage State
1 The_Savage_State_Thomas_Cole_18362:  Consummation 2 Consummation_Thomas_Cole_1835_1836

3: Destruction 3 Destruction-thomas-cole-1836

4: Desolation4

5: Arcadia 5 Arcadian_Cole

What I love about art is that it is completely open to interpretation.  After staring at this series I’ve learned the cycle that is civilization.  As young as I am, and to understand the mistake man-kind…

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