Heliodor (Golden Beryl)

Photo from: mindat.org

Photo from: mindat.org

Yesterday afternoon, one of my beautiful tribeswomen handed me a heliodor crystal, and with an unexpected, “happy birthday!,” she bestowed it upon me. This gift; this simple, little gem, means so much to me. The synchronicity of that moment fills me with such bliss.

With my Ascendant in the zodiac sign of Leo, this crystal was destined to be mine. Months earlier, I made a list of all of the crystals I wanted to own. Heliodor was on the top of the list, but for whatever reason, it seemed, I never took the initiative to buy it for myself. Circumstance allowed for more mystical things to unfold.

For those who do not know about (or are unwilling to consider) the metaphysical healing properties of gemstones and crystals, Heliodor is often referenced as “the Seer’s Stone.” It activates the solar plexus chakra (Manipura, which deals with willpower, and is blocked by shame) and the crown chakra (Sahasrara, which is our spiritual link to the cosmos, and is blocked by earthly attachment). It is also linked to the zodiac sign, Leo. Therefore, this stone is perfect for healing aspects of yourself that you may be shameful of.

It boosts confidence and determination, and protects the wearer from external negative influences. It increases vital energy, self-assertiveness, and mental strength. It is a great stone for those who feel overtaxed by the daily grind, and can help to alleviate stress, nervous energy, and irritability. For these reasons, heliodor is often recommended to ease symptoms of PMS and menopause.

This crystal allows the wearer to be guided by wisdom and to make choices based on knowledge instead of in the heat of turbulent emotion. It is a stone of leadership and nobility, allowing the wearer to be judicious and understanding during social interaction. Heliodor allows the individual to harness and maintain the full height of their own true potential.

Heliodor encourages a more optimistic outlook and promotes honesty. It is also said to attract employment and other prospects that may help ease financial strains.

I just wrapped my heliodor point today, and I am avid about wearing it to get the full brunt of its influence. I have needed this stone in my life for a while, but as everything has been coming to a climax recently, it seems to have arrived precisely when and as it was meant to. I welcome it as a blessing in my life. May you welcome it as a blessing in yours ❤



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