Maddening Musings of a Duplicitous Mind


Death of the ego is a strange phenomenon. When identity with self is removed, what is left? What need is there to fulfill beyond the most basic? Is there any point at all? I suppose true death is the ultimate form of ego death. So, if death is our destination, what is our reason for being? Knowing the destination and not living in fear of it just makes the mystery even more delicious. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t curious, but human minds come with limits. I cannot see beyond; at least, not fully.

It’s human nature to strive, to always keep pursuing. There is always something better to work toward, or so it would seem. That’s another thing I find curious. We set goals to attain them, only to set more goals to attain them. We consider this growth, progress, evolution. Trying to understand what we are working towards is just about as effective as trying to hit a nail square on the head in a light-sealed room. So that makes me wonder even more…am I merely meant to distract myself from the question I cannot answer with things that I don’t really need? Or am I to pursue the questions, doubtless and undeterred? Or will my musings inadvertently lead me to the answers I seek? Or will I only be lead to the place where I imagine the answers lie?

Welcome to my internal dialogue.

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