Pondering, Wandering, Wondering


Art from: NWSacredArt

I lie in the meadow, hugged by the whispering grass. The sky is a panoramic view. The wind is cold, but the earth warms me at my root; I am swaddled by the maternal warmth of the Divine Mother, in all her organic glory. I see her in the parts of me that are organic, and I see the Father in the depths of my being, far beyond the tangible universe. He calls to me from above, from within the very abyss I gaze into.

There is this muffled longing in my being, this sole desire to be united with God, this urge to be dissolved back into that ecstatic energy, but the half of me that is material presents me with other consuming desires: the desires of the flesh and the constraints of the mind. For the mind left unmastered is a deceptive thing, and the minds of men are easily swayed by the minds of others.

There is Divine Wisdom within the soul. It is an intuitive knowing; a knowing that so many of us often doubt, but if we trust in that innate wisdom within us, we will not be led astray. We must remember that everything is temporary, and oh, so fragile. We too are fragile. We too will die, and when we slither out of our mortal coils will we be reunited with our Source, perhaps even to be birthed again. For all energy is energy that is transformed and recycled. Our progenitors will build on our decaying bones and the remnants of our lives, and it will ensure their survival.

Existence is a careful orchestration of the cosmic flow. Sweet serendipitous return, the fanfare of reunion.

We only perceive the shadows beyond the veil. Our human interactions are patterns that we trace and retrace throughout our various lives. We carry the pain of all that we have left unresolved into each new life, and we must choose to transform, to evolve beyond it, to resolve it. For the nature of existence is evolution.


© Astral Moonbeam (2014)

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