Solar Eclipse & New Moon in Taurus

Solar Eclipse & New Moon in Taurus

Art by: Saverio Polloni

Art by: Saverio Polloni

It is time to take root, after such ground-breaking energies from the Cardinal Grand Cross.

Here are the Astral Insights from, for the Solar Eclipse and the New Moon in Taurus tomorrow.

It is time to set our intentions for the next 30 days. The new moon signifies new beginnings. It is time to plant the seeds for our future goals. Ask yourself what you need right now. Where do you want to take this beginning? What will you pursue next?

It can be anything from creative pursuits and business ventures to the emotional state of your relationships or yourself. The Cardinal Grand Cross ushered in change. It destroyed what was no longer working and has given way to new life and opportunity.

Use this vitality positively and it will be delivered back to you.

“For my highest good, and for the highest good of all concerned.”


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