According to Vedic scripture, mantras are chanted 108 times in order to activate the 108 nadis (energy centers) within the human body.

We achieve balance through vibratory energy, as we descend deeper into Self and into Source.

To begin my meditation practice, I usually start with a healthy balance of yin and yang yoga before I take a seat in my favorite room. This helps me to quiet the mind and really dedicate myself to chanting along with the video provided.

Traditionally, the chanting of a mantra is counted using mala beads, but this is the modern age, and we have the internet! You will get the same effect, I assure you. It’s bliss.

There are many different mantras, and they each call to certain Hindu deities for fulfillment of different needs.

The mantra that I will be showcasing today is: Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha

(pronounced: Aum, Gum, Gah-Nah-Paht-Ah-Yeh, Nah-Ma-Ha)

Ganesha, the God of Beginnings, has the power to place and remove obstacles in our lives.
By chanting this mantra, and by setting the proper intent before diving into such a powerful meditation, we ask Ganesha to remove the obstacles in our lives, to aid in our journey, to uplift us and propel us forward.

We call upon Ganesha for His blessing.

Namaste ॐ


Introduction to Hindu Mantras: The Breaker of Obstacles: Ganesha

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